Modern Day Medicine Women

What is a modern day medicine woman? 

My idea of a modem day medicine woman is the capacity I have to meet you where you are and guide you forward with tools from my tool-box that I have gained from my own journey, from my own mentors and teachers. The more I am able to be, in my own life with a deeper understanding of who it enables me to be in a powerful space with you. My medicine meets your medicine,  it’s a journey we take together side by side. 

My medicine is to create and be in a safe space with you, allowing you to unravel, leading you in to a deep place within with peace and joy, then living from that space a place where the magic happen. 

As I bring my medicine to you, you will find your own deep medicine and remember on a deeper level all of who you are and what you are here to create. 

The old stories, perceptions and paradigms drop away as the old can't stay in the new energy, as we walk forward in to our true sefls.

When we sit in ceremony we are releasing, shifting and shedding old energies from ourselves, from deeply embedded stories that have been passed down through generations & through childhood trauma.

The deep peace is created when we connect & we feel the deep presence of universe/source/spirit within us and remember we are already whole.

It is a deep feeling of coming home of remembering from this space we are able to hear our own guidance and start feeling our own way consciously and with awareness.

The creation process is the process of life
— JW

About me

Hi! I’m Jaimee

I am a Modern Day Medicine Woman, an entrepreneur with a deep passion for fun and adventure, and a globe-trotter that truly loves life. I call myself an entrepreneur because I’m a free spirit who loves to pave her own path.

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Sacred ceremonies

Sacred ceremony is all about you tapping into your own truth, into your own deep connection to yourself and the universe/ spirit. It is the remembering and feeling of the clarity, peace and alignment that comes from honouring that place within, in sacred ceremony.

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True freedom is freedom from the mind when we are able to see and disengage with the stories that we have made up through our lives and we set ourselves free to be.

All photos accreted to the beautiful Michelle Reilly Morrison